Microstructure is defined as the structure of a prepared surface or thin foil of material as revealed by a microscope above 25× magnification.The microstructure of a material (which can be broadly classified into metallic, polymeric, ceramic and composite) can strongly influence physical properties such as strength, toughness, ductility, hardness, corrosion resistance, high/low temperature behavior, wear resistance, and so on, which in turn govern the application of these materials in industrial practice.

Microstructure of a weld used in duplex stainless steel, 2205, 250X original magnification. A color mixture of austenite, ferrite and sigma phases.
Microstructure of Austenitic Stainless Steel

SEM fracture surface of an Al2O3

Austempered Ductile Iron ADI microstructure - graphite spheroids in a matrix of ausferrite (a mixture of acicular ferrite and austenite
Microstructure of ASTM A36 steel showing ferrite (white) and pearlite (black).
Microstructure of quenched hot rolled steel containing 0,36% carbon showing bainite (x 200)
Hot rolled High strength low alloy (HSLA) steels

HSS microstruccture - Fine grain structure at 1000x showing uniform dispersal of carbides
Beryllium copper ( copper with 2% beryllium and 1/4% cobalt or nickel) is used to make non-sparking tools for use in environments with severe explosion hazards.
Microstructure of Copper
Microstructure Aluminum bronze (Cu 87.1, Al 9.3, Fe 3.6) Rod, Extruded and cold drawn 10%
Microstructure of Tin brasses (Cu 59.0-62.0, Zn 36.7-40.0, Sn 0.5-1.0, Pb 0.20, Fe 0.10) Cast and hot rolled
Microstructure of Nickel-silvers (Cu 63-67, Ni 19.0-21.5, Zn 3-9, Sn 3.5-4.5, Pb 3-5, Fe 1.5, Mn 1.0, Sb 0.25, S 0.08) Cast

Microstructure of Gold Copper

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